Values for Business and Society: 1 December 2014, Bratislava

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Last December 2014, Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson visited Slovakia on the occasion of the Conference: "Values for Business and Society", organised by UNIAPAC and Venite (Slovak Entrepreneurs members of Uniapac).

The Conference had 4 parts [See the Programme of the Main Session]. During the first part (31 Nov.2014), Rolando Medeiros -  Member of the Executive Committee of Uniapac, CEO of Elecmetal S.A - gave a speech and a testimony about development of his company and his personal development. Also the experiences of Slovak entrepreneurs were very personal and enriching.

On Monday, the Conference began with the speech of Cardinal Turkson on the topic The Person, the Company, and the Common Good and a sharing about how practical experiences show that really a person is in the first place in companies. The third part of the Meeting, on Subsidiarity  showed very practical examples from companies and testimonies of about 70 entrepreneurs. Cardinal Turkson spoke on "Subsidiarity in a Company"

Afternoon session began with the launch of the best-seller Vocation of the Business Leader. A Reflection by cardinal Turkson to 100 entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs from Venite presented their vocation through their personal testimonies to Cardinal and new members. 4 themes were shared: Vocation of entrepreneurs and relationship with God; development of the company and continuation of the company; development of employees; and background of entrepreneur as a family, as friends.

About 250 mainly entrepreneurs from all Slovakia;  priests;  2 bishops; a member of European parliament; the president of Christian Democratic Party; the Vice-President of the Slovak parliament; and the Director from Konrad Adenauer Foundation took part in this main session of the Conference. 

After the presentation on the theme: Values for Business and Society by cardinal Turkson, there was a panel discussion about moral issues in business: is it possible to do serious business? What about truth in the company, trust of the employees to the owner, culture of open door in the company?

This Conference is the latest of many meetings already completed by His Eminence Card. Turkson for the Lauch of the book Vocation of the Business Leader around the world.

Texts available:

The Person, the Company, and the Common Good

Subsidiarity in a Company

Values for Business and Society



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