Christian Social Congress, Doorn, 31 August 2016

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Card Turkson

Cardinal Peter Turkson, on Wednesday 31 August 2016, addressed the Christian Social Congress taking place  in Doorn, in the Netherlands.

His intervention was on “Current challenges for the Christian Social Movement in the light of the Encyclical Laudato Si' of Pope Francis”. 

"Against this threat, Christians need to marshal and explain their reasons for their faith in humanity,” Cardinal Turkson said.“On the one hand, grounded in our religious vision of the world, our conception of freedom allows us to think independently about the world rather than constantly join the crowd,” – he continued – “On the other hand, this religious vision also makes sense of the movement of history due to its confident expectation that, eventually and actually, we will all be gathered together, reconciled in God through Christ.”


Pope Francis also sent a message to the participants of the Congress.