World Congress on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Encyclical Letter Mater et Magistra (16-18 May 2011)

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Mater et Mag


This international meeting will focus on the following issues:a) how to discern the implementation of the Mater et Magistra in reference to social imbalances in the light of justice and equity, b) review the current disparities in the context of globalization, and c)develop some solutions in draft form, in light of the universal destination of goods and social justice,with special attention to the study, diffusion and implementation of the  social doctrine of the Church, on the basis of encouragement given in Part IV of Mater et Magistra, and taking advantage and deepening the Trinitarian and ecclesiological dimensions of Caritas in Veritate and in keeping with the mission of the Commissions for Justice and Peace, of the Offices for social problems and work, and especially of the Institutes and Centers of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

This International Congress is mainly addressed to the heads of the Commissions for Justice and Peace, of Offices for social problems and labor as well as to the Directors of Institutes and Centers of  the Social Doctrine of the Church.

The forum will be organized as follows:

Day 1: New Evangelization of Society: The Role of the Social Doctrine of the Church

-- New Evangelization of Society and Globalization: The Universal Destination of Goods and Social Justice on a Global Scale in the Face of New Inequalities

-- Common Goods and the Common Good. Governance or Government?: Civil Society and Public Authorities at the National and International Level

-- Study, Diffusion, and Experimentation of the Social Doctrine of the Church: From Mater et Magistra to Caritas in Veritate

-- Social Pastoral Care and Social and Political Action: Links, According to a Distinction and a Unity among Church Communities and Catholic Associations, Organizations of Christian inspiration, and non-denominational Organizations

-- The Agents of the SDC: Commissions "Justitia et Pax": Nature and Tasks

--The Agents of the SDC: Universities or not, Centers of DSC: Nature and Tasks

 Day 2: Man and His Environment: Work, Resources, Participation, Justice and Politics

(Group work by continents)

-- The Society of Labor and the Common Good: Which Concept of Work (not just the concept of work passing through the market)?; Which Lifestyles?; Which Paradigm for Development?

-- Towards a Social Economy: Plurality of Companies, Participation in the Implementation of the Common Good, Human Dignity and Rights of Workers

-- Valorization and Remuneration of Work, Social Policies: Subsidiarity and Social Justice in the Context of Globalization

-- Active Employment Policies for all and Formation 

-- The Earth as a Living Environment: Technology, Economics, and Politics (specify: cultivation, climatic, technological, economic, financial and political conditions)

-- Material Resources, Assets (natural, technological, intellectual resources) and Integral development

-- Population Growth: Bioethics, Human Ecology

-- What Active Policies are Necessary for a Proper Balance at the Regional, National, and Global Levels, in view of the Production and Distribution of Wealth?

 Day 3: The Church’s social doctrine: experimentation, good practices

(The day will be devoted to the overall presentation of good practices on the different continents)