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The Documentation Centre of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, in almost thirty years, has reached the number of about 20,000 titles, including books and documentation of different nature and origin.

Of these, almost the half is  computationally indexed, with a procedure initiated in 1990. In particular, in 2007, 400 new accessions were included.

A newspapers' library is remarkably interesting. It comprises 40 titles including journals and current periodicals, in subscription, and about 100 titles received by  the Dicastery for free or in exchange with its publications. To this should be added a number of magazines called "closed", either because not renewed in subscription or because they are no longer published.

Rules for Access:

The Documentation Centre is open to all students and scholars from  offices, schools and universities, in particular those of the Pontifical Universities in Rome. For access, you should contact a few days before the responsible, Ms. Lorena Del Signore. The volumes and titles  can be consulted at the Documentation Centre and cannot be borrowed.

Contacts :

Mrs. Lorena Del Signore

Tel: +39. 06.698.79922

e- mail: